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UnCategorized First build a foundation of knowledge in attraction marketing and start your online marketing presence with blogging. Now it’s time to accelerate building your network marketing business with article marketing. Step 3: Article Marketing You can feel the acceleration, can’t you? An online presence is so pleasing. Indeed, now stay focused. To carry yourself to the next level you’ll need to ramp up your marketing efforts. This goal is to attract in excess of 100 visitors to your website or blog each day. Oh, forget what they say about how Rome was built, you can do this! It will take some work. My re.mendation is that you hasten your pace by using an article marketing campaign. What is article marketing? It’s fun and it gets the attraction marketing ball rolling. It’s short articles (450-750 words) written to serve as advertisements for your respective industry or products. But don’t make the mistake of pitching anything in your article… that’s not attractive. Your goal is to drive traffic back to your website so educate your readers. These well-written and free articles are available for publication and distribution in the marketplace. Each article contains your by-line and bio along with links back to your blog/website and contact information for your business. Article marketing has the potential to increase the credibility of your business as well as attract new clients. Article marketing is your next step in developing a relationship of trust with potential prospects. High quality, educational messages are one of the fastest ways to establish your standing as an expert on your topic, and because your articles provide valuable content you are shown to be a credible solutions provider. There are hundreds of sites that will gladly post your topic-specific articles for free. You will find that these sites make it easy for you to register, create an account, and start publishing. In your search for free article distribution sites be aware of that site’s backlink ability. Your website will have less traffic if the backlinks aren’t "do follow" links. What am I talking about? Well, let’s say you’ve written an article about buying a bicycle. If the site you’re using uses "do follow" links, when someone searches on "buying a bicycle" or any of the keywords you’ve included, your article or site information will be higher up in the search results. This is where the word "traffic" takes on a whole new and wonderful meaning – it’s no longer about sitting in your vehicle longing for forward motion. Essentially, backlinks take your presence from within a specific site you’ve published on back to the web to be searched (Googled) and found by any (huge) number of searchers. And "do follow" links give extra points to the in-pointing link to your blog or website so you show up higher in the search results. This is techie talk, so just search for article submission directories with "do follow" links for the best results. You may also consider submitting your articles to article distribution services that are not free. These paid-for services will distribute your articles to a variety of newsletters, forums, blogs, and e-zines that are just waiting to read what you’ve written and publish it. This can be an effective way to attract even more traffic to your website or blog if you have some marketing budget to spend. My experience has been that once you have approximately 30 pages on your website (or journal entries on your blog) and 20 articles distributed on the web you will be closer to success. You should be generating free leads and customers to your blog and making cash. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: