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"2" net era anti-corruption storm God save the Yan control Sina entertainment news "is to accompany me through the youth male god!" This is the movie "2" announced anti-corruption storm after many users lamented the lineup with the audience a. Louis Koo [micro-blog], Julian Cheung [micro-blog] and Zhou Yumin [micro-blog], three shape countless classic image of the screen, accompanied by a generation of youth audience through God first appear in the same movie, "combination of live for a long time to see the audience excited, reminded everyone of nostalgia and expectation the film is strong. In the Hongkong TV drama portrays the new generation Derek Tsang [micro-blog] Bowie Lam [micro-blog] and many of the classic role be endowed with both beauty and talent to join, but for this time God’s lineup of icing on the cake, across all the men of God, must be able to give a color, flavor and taste of the gluttonous dinner. "2" anti-corruption storm by Raymond Wong [micro-blog] producer, directed by Lin Delu, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Zhou Yumin, Ada Choi, Chen Jing, [micro-blog] Sheng Jun and Bowie Lam co starred in the September 15th Mid Autumn Festival, will visit the national cinema. The cross time God detonated fans crazy good against evil started "anti-corruption" war "2" anti-corruption storm in style from the first, in the production of a full range of upgrades, especially the actor lineup, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Zhou Yumin, Ada Choi, Bowie Lam and other faction to join, become the biggest highlight of the film. Especially gathered for the first time the three men of God, is to let the fans expect bursting. "God is my favorite man."!" "Are all accompany me through the youth of the male god!" "For a few men to see god!" Visible Louis Koo, Julian Cheung and Zhou Yumin have a high degree of national, new challenges worthy of the audience look forward to. The Bowie Lam and Derek Tsang joined also make a lot of people happy. Looking at Bowie Lam’s TVB TV drama grew up, good acting skills do not want!" "To see Derek Tsang’s" old hat ", a character actor!" "Anti-corruption Storm 2" quest for many cross age men of God, to arouse the audience’s youth group. "Anti-corruption Storm 2", the five men of God together for a human greed fight. Louis Koo and Derek Tsang stand upright and outspoken, "anti-corruption group", calm and wise thinking in high and vigorous spirits, calm, and vowing to fight corruption; Julian Cheung strong desire to rely on the return of the prodigal son, let him turn over the murder ditch, police cooperation and common fight against the forces of darkness Louis Koo Lian; Zhou Yumin’s Bounty Killer received money to help people get killed. The key clue character set up obstacles to the handling process of Louis Koo and Julian Cheung, three people between good and evil against the eye; and Bowie Lam as the horse security director, was a member of the ICAC, now is suspected of corruption in the horse will work, let his fate whirling complex changes in the status of a war. Triggered at any moment. Five classic male God caused nostalgic frenzy "anti-corruption Storm 2" challenge "of the new anti-corruption Storm 2" the quest for the era of screen God, it reminded the audience had memories of youth, who had caught up with the drama, movies once again mentioned. Louis Koo’s "The legend of Condor hero.相关的主题文章: