14 year old boy playing the game to kill a boy of the first year of the trial of a criminal sentence-ratatouille

14 year old boy to play the game because killed 8 year old boy sentenced to 8 and a half years in November 12th, the Yangtze Evening News reporter from the Taizhou City Intermediate People’s court was informed that the hospital recently heard a special murder case, a 14 year old boy because things actually killed another 8 year old children. To play the game because of a dispute, the young killed 8 year old boy Gon Freecss (a pseudonym) who lives in Taixing, 14 years old this year, on the first two days, favored at home. About half past two in the afternoon of February 3, 2016, the village 8 years old Andy (pseudonym) to play in Gon Freecss’s home, about two children together to play online games, but when playing in the game, he always lose. Later, two people decided to fight together, but Andy that role is stagnant, which makes Gon Freecss very angry. Network with two people to play more than four points, Gon Freecss feel boring, ready to go to the village buddy continue to play the game, Andy went behind him. Did not take long, Andy suddenly catch up from the front pushed Gon Freecss, Gon Freecss pulled up Andy said: "you have the ability to come back again!" Andy Gon Freecss was slapped a slap in the face. When Gon Freecss wanted to find someone to play the game, no mind to realize Andy, but to friends, others because of something, too busy playing games. Look at Andy, Gon Freecss thought: "this time I beat him." Gon Freecss took Andy to the outskirts of the village of the small river, see the four person, beating Andy’s head with his fist, stomach and leg, until Andy faint. Gon Freecss saw Andy motionless, Gon Freecss is afraid, Andy will kick into the rivers. Gon Freecss quickly ran home, he did not dare to lose even the glasses at the scene to find. At night, Andy family frantically looking for children, the village people have joined the search for. The second day early in the morning, the villagers found dead in the river andy. Gon Freecss’s father came home and asked Gon Freecss, "where are your glasses?" Gon Freecss didn’t know, Dad seemed to understand. My father took Gon Freecss to the river and, in front of the crowd, said, "this is my son!" The court found for intentional homicide and sentenced to 8 and a half years in the trial, the prosecutor believes that the defendant Gon Freecss in the boxing Andy collapsed to the ground, kick it into a ditch, saw Andy submerged in the water and facial condition, still fled the scene, causing death consequences for subjective knowing for the implementation of crime, objective and positive, let the occurrence of death, their behavior and Andy death causation, the law should be identified as the crime of intentional homicide. The court held that: in view of the case due to a minor quarrel, Gon Freecss the younger, understand and control ability is relatively weak, the assault did not directly cause death of the victim, the confession after the incident and other factors, can be mitigated punishment according to law of the. Defendant Gon Freecss guilty of intentional homicide and sentenced to imprisonment in eight years and six months, compensation for incidental civil action plaintiff total 50891.5 yuan. (source: Yangtze Evening News Editor: D) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: