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14 women eat meals overlord court argued that occupation is a freeloader Beijing – JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) because eat meals overlord, the 53 year old Henan Ruzhou retired worker Zhang Caiwen had been in administrative detention for 13 times. This time, she was in the Chaoyang Shifoying East International Hotel to spend more than 8000 yuan to settle accounts, accused of fraud. Yesterday morning, the Chaoyang Court hearing the case in court, Zhang Caiwen argued that the occupation is a freeloader". It is understood that Zhang Caiwen junior high school culture, a retired worker in Henan, a winery in 2013, retired to Beijing in. Since May 2014 to the incident, Zhang Caiwen has been in Beijing for 14 administrative detention, which is the 13 time to eat overlord meal, the 1 time because the taxi does not give money. Zhang Caiwen’s consumption of these amounts are mostly concentrated in two thousand or three thousand yuan, are not up to the crime of fraud from the penalty point of 5000 yuan. The court heard that in April 6th this year, 16 PM, Zhang Caiwen arrived at the Chaoyang Shifoying East International Hotel Bath department. That night she opened a room, also called Cuozao, Pedicure milk, SPA and other services, and dining in the hotel. Zhang Caiwen ordered the hotel’s most expensive bottle of the Great Wall dry mulberry special collection of wine, the price of 3152 yuan. Until 8 pm the next day, she spent a total of $8107.6. The hotel staff for Zhang Caiwen checkout, she has been evasive tomorrow ". After repeated requests from the staff, she said he had no money, the hotel staff and the police. It was Zhang Caiwen’s birthday. In the face of charges, Zhang Caiwen pleaded not guilty, said she was not a fraud, but normal consumption. She argued that day did not check out because of his wallet, mobile phone is lost, "I think second days let the family give me money, because there is no mobile phone, can not contact his family, so there is no way to check out." It is understood that Zhang Caiwen divorced, there are two sons but have broken contact, the monthly pension of more than 1000 yuan. It is understood that due to the consumption of more than 8000 yuan refused to pay, Zhang Caiwen has been detained for 7 months, which makes her very dissatisfied. She said she had been locked up for so long time, money can not pay, or do not go to jail or not to pay back the money, I turn out for such a long time, who is responsible for the loss?" Although the court denied his eat King meal, but in an police interrogation, Zhang Caiwen had to explain to these places of consumption, "I have no money, you have to spend money from the rich." She also said that he is "freedom of occupation, is outside the capital." The case was not in court for sentencing.相关的主题文章: