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UnCategorized The holidays are already stressful enough, the parties, gift giving, house guests, and all the events for the kids. Add to that mix travelling and it can be enough to put you over the edge. But, it does not have to be that way. There are some simple easy things you can do to make travelling a breeze and stress free! 1.Locate and Update Your Passport – With the new passport laws in effect for all travel to Mexico and Canada make sure you have your passport up to date for you and all family members before you book your trip. Also, allow adequate time for processing. Make a copy of your passport and store it in another location in case it is stolen or lost, that way you have something to work with while recovering it. 2.Stay Organized- Buy a small accordion index file from an office supply store and set it up to store receipts, confirmation numbers, contact numbers, etc. and that pesky claim slip for retrieving your car upon returning home. 3.Label Your Luggage- Make your luggage stand out so you can easily find it in baggage claim and so no one else grabs your bag. Try bright luggage straps, luggage tags, and iron-on luggage tags. Do not forget to label the inside of your bag too, either a handwritten index card taped on top or try an iron-on label that is permanent. 4.Pack Light- Chances are you will not need everything you think you do. Also, check ahead with the airline to see how many bags you are allowed and keep in mind the size as most airlines charge for any bags over 50 lbs. 5.Carry-On Essentials- Remember to pack your passport, wallet, camera, toothbrush, and an extra set of clothes in your carry-on bag should your luggage be.e lost. 6.Pack an Extra Bag- If you plan on doing a lot of souvenir shopping, an extra duffle bag allows you to bring everything back an avoid paying extra money to ship the goods. 7.Keep in Contact- Keep a list of contact numbers for friends, family, doctors and the pet sitter back home in case any emergencies arise while you are away. 8.Check in Advance- Reserve your seats ahead of time to ensure you can sit where you want and with your travel .panions. Also, check that your flight is on time before you leave for the airport. 9.Discount Calling Cards- Bring a pre-paid calling card to use from the hotel so you do not get burned with the high charges. You can find low rate cards at warehouse clubs. 10.Check the List- Type up a packing check list once and save it on your .puter so you can print it off when packing and not have to develop a new one every time you travel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: