More than 3000 schools in Hebei in the fall of the school emergency reconstruction

The fall semester near Hebei more than 3000 disaster emergency reconstruction – Beijing school teachers on the blackboard added after the disaster precautions Li Qian taken workers to ensure that disaster tight construction schedule school school Li Qian photo kindergarten classes changed color tables and chairs Li Qian photo Beijing, Shijiazhuang in August 25, (Li Qian) 24, from the fall semester and nearly a week’s time, Hebei province Pingshan County Wentang town mountain board teaching point campus hung that read "stick to post disaster reconstruction and upgrading combine to ensure school like new schools like banners, more than a dozen workers to work at the same time, will be cleared of silt ground with cement hardening. The new school teachers only four chairs with dishcloth after the flood just changed, the rear side of the classroom blackboard, also added on after the flood prevention of the epidemic of knowledge. The whole school from the inside to the outside of the classroom windows take on an altogether new aspect, to ten meters outside the village is in stark contrast to the flood receded traces still obvious: the river houses collapsed, rubble flood over the rubble, a bridge leading to the village was destroyed, the villagers can only walk on gravel and the bridge to travel. Pingshan County suffered two serious floods in July 19th, July 24th. In 135 affected schools, has completed the restoration of all 132, with the conditions of school. In addition, 3 school students in September 1st can be achieved in the vicinity of the placement of the school, the school is currently undergoing reinforcement and demolition reconstruction. Hebei province Pingshan County Wentang school principal Li Jun recalled, in July 18th the county two times continuously held a flood emergency meeting, the 19 day he and school teachers to observe the water the night guard in the school, found leaky classrooms, overnight withdrawal of books, teaching equipment, furniture and other materials, almost did not sleep a wink all night. After the rain receded, the playground appeared more than and 120 square meters of ground collapse. The drainage ditch 240 meters outside the school fence is clogged silt, silt up to 1.5 meters, if not promptly clean up, very worried about the school walls will collapse the silt." So the 58 staff in 20 collective dredging, because access to the school 300 meters away was more than a foot thick alluvial silt, sand and gravel, any vehicle not to school, the faculty can not walk barefoot rain dripping knee deep in mud, many teachers of the foot is scratched worn. It took nearly a week to clear more than 2 thousand M of silt. Li Jun said that since July 18th, more than a month’s time, the school has a teacher 24 hours a day on duty. Every day his heart is hanging, until the last few days, looking at a number of risk factors excluded, his heart was gradually falling stones. In Pingshan County Wentang school, Wentang town mountain board teaching point is not so lucky". Cui Zengliang, the headmaster of the school, said that the walls of the school collapsed and the mud and mud playground was destroyed. Today, the teaching points outside the building 1.5 meters high water mark is still clearly visible. Since the teaching point only pre-school and primary school grade one or two, Cui Zengliang is most worried about the child’s psychological endurance. Fortunately, the local government will be the school’s teaching facilities for all new, especially for pre-school children with a color table and chair and slide)相关的主题文章:

Madrid’s half beautiful, all in these 10 cafes – Sohu travel mia farrow

Madrid, half of the good, are in the 10 cafes – Sohu travel in Spain, the daily life can be no bread, but can not do without coffee. From the subway station and convenient coffee, to various pubs, roadside bar, coffee shop, pizza shop, restaurant, every 35 steps have a drink of coffee place, life needs whenever and wherever possible to call on a cup of coffee. In such a indulge in coffee culture city, let us choose between ten Madrid for your beautiful chic cafe, taste the local people praise the coffee and dessert. Literary community store: Toma Café small Toma Café located in Madrid’s most literary Malasañ a district, is a paradise for lovers of expresso and capuchino. The barista is very skilled, and people are also very nice. Store is not big, but very warm. If in the Malasañ a area; stroll tired, can come here to call on a cup of coffee, with a delicious dessert, especially not to miss their home delicious carrot cake! Business Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-20:00 Saturday and Sunday, 10:00-20:00 address: Calle Palma 49: La traffic from the Tribunal subway (No. 1, No. 10 Line) or Noviciado station (line 2), the 5 minute walk to the web site: http: pharmacy turned Cafe: Juanse Kafe Juanse cafe was a pharmacy, but it is not an ordinary pharmacy. After more than two years of closure, the two sisters from the northern Basque region turned it into a coffee shop. Now, here no longer buy pills or plaster, but can be a cup of coffee or a delicious dessert handmade goods. The cafe retains the original exterior walls of the pharmacy (built in 1892). Wall made of brightly coloured tiles decorated, showing medical advertisements in early twentieth Century at the end of nineteenth Century, with you in the coffee in the dream of a century ago in madrid. Business Hours: 9:00-22:00, Friday and Saturday until midnight 12 address: Calle de San Vicente Ferrer 32: traffic from the Tribunal subway (No. 1, No. 10) the two minute walk to the bookstore and cafe. The match: El bistró de La Central El bistró de bright and spacious; La Central at the La Central bookstore on the first floor of the street, with big windows and the old building inside the courtyard, plenty of natural light. Even if there is often sold out, but also because of the high space without being too noisy. You can read new books here, or you can have them相关的主题文章:

Used two is really powder! SONY black tech product review – Sohu digital autobots

Used two is really powder! SONY Black & product review – Sohu digital people often talk about "good cable" and "black" technology, but still frequent failures, 2014 VAIO to sell the brand, there are rumors that a few months ago, SONY CEO Hirai Yifu said SONY mobile phone business is not profitable to sell again…… This without a sigh, then SONY has "Twilight"? In fact, the first SONY’s development history, we will find a lot of magic products, some of them lead the industry trend, some just flash in the pan. But in the rapid iteration of the consumer electronics market, such as SONY such a deep and evergreen enterprises, how many? The following is the media inventory black SONY technology products, is said to have used more than two is absolutely true powder — VAIO UX series of small computer (AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Robot) electronic pet dog machine SONY PDA Clie SONY MDR-R10 mobile phone headset, at the price of 1 million 200 thousand yen. (about 37 thousand and 200 yuan in 1988) SONY NSA-PF1 all point to the plexiglass speakers, of course, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~相关的主题文章:

Tiangong two vertical transport launch area 15 to 20 days to launch a new network – in imjpmig

Tiangong two vertical transport launch area 15 to 20 days to launch – Beijing 9, rocket vertical transport implementation of Tiangong two missions to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center manned space launch area. Yang Zhiyuan photo (Xinhua News Agency) in Beijing on 9 September, (Yu Jianbin, Yang Xin, Xiao Jianjun) reporter from the Chinese manned space engineering office was informed that: Tiangong two space laboratory and the Long March two F T2 rocket flight products since early July onwards after entering, according to the process according to the mission test launch in September 9th, completed the assembly test the technology work. The 9 day at 8:35, carrying the Long March two F T2 rocket with Tiangong two space laboratory combination of the activities of the launch platform out of the general assembly and testing plant, drive about 1.5 hours after the vertical transport to launch area. Later, in the launch area to carry out the Tiangong two space laboratory and the Long March two F T2 rocket function test and combined test work, the completion of the final state after confirmation of rocket propellant added on September 15th to 20, plans to launch. Tiangong two is China’s first truly laboratory space, equipped with a space atomic clock 14 applied load, and weight loss etc. cardiovascular research space medical laboratory equipment, equipped with maintenance technology verification device, manipulator terminal maintenance test equipment, development of space science and technology test (real) test. Vertical transport is completed, marking the Tiangong two space lab mission officially entered the launch phase. At present, space applications, Jiuquan launch site and communication system, has finished executing Tiangong two space lab mission related preparations.相关的主题文章: